Last week AMD launched their workstation graphics card Radeon Frontier Edition at 1000$. Today AMD tweeted they will be showing off their VEGA products including RX VEGA and other AMD products Ryzen Pro,Ryzen Threadripper,EPYC,Radeon Instinct at SIGGARPH-30st July.

Here’s the tweet:

Here is the another one:


The history of Capsaicin events:

  • March 2016 — AMD Capsaicin — “Radeon Pro Duo”
  • March 2017 — AMD Capsaicin & Cream — “Radeon Vega is Radeon RX Vega”
  • July 2017 —  Launch of Vega products including RX VEGA

Leaks and Details:

RX Vega is enthausiast gaming video card based on HBM2 that will compete GTX 1070 GTX 1080 GTX 1080ti from Nvidia. AMD already released two Vega GPUs for the Apple Mac Pro series that include a full 64 NCU and a cut down 56 CU variant. These come with same number of cores as the Radeon R9 Fury series cards at 4096 and 3584 respectively. But, Vega delivers more performance throughput and has increased clocks. Vega also includes several architectural upgrades such as HBCC and Rapid Packed Math which should accelerate gaming app performance.


The listing identifies the graphics card vendor as AMD. It is a single graphics card setup with 8GB of memory, 1,200MHz core clockspeed, and 700MHz memory bus clock. that shows, Scoring very close to GTX 1070 that means Vega has something for GTX 1070. But Take with a grain of salt.

Expected Specs of RX VEGA:

  • 14nm process node
  • 4 shader engines
  • 4,096 stream processors
  • 12.5 TFLOPS / 25 (FP16) TFLOPS
  • 1600 Base clocks
  • 64 render output units
  • 256 texture mapping units
  • 8 hardware threads
  • 2,048-bit memory interface
  • 8GB High Bandwidth Memory 2 (HBM2) or 16GB High Bandwdith Memory 2 (HBM).


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