AMD announced the new Ryzen 3000 series mobile Processors for notebooks and Chromebooks, delivering impressive performance. The 2nd gen Ryzen processors are quite good efficient with providing more performance boost over their previous raven ridge processors.

With its 12nm manufacturing technology, the AMD Ryzen 3000 Series mobile processors offering higher clock speeds with the similar power range 14nm and the performance also  improves well above the competitions.  The Ryzen 3000 powers up Ultrathin and Gaming notebooks mobile processors, delivering:

  • Smooth PC gaming.
  • 4k HDR streaming.
  • Up 10 hours of battery life of video playback.
  • Great standby time and other common laptop features.
  • Ryzen 5 3500U performing 14% better in Web browsing, 27% faster in video/image tasks than Intel Core i5 8250U.

AMD also offers budget friendly 2nd gen Athlon 3000 series for mainstream notebooks.

Amd Ryzen 3000 series and Athlon 3000 series Line Up.

Amd powers Chromebooks with its 8th gen A-series processors.

With its 6W TDP, the A-Series processors provides great efficiency to chromebooks that are being manufactured from global leading OEMs starting with ACER and HP this month. Chromebooks are meant to deliver fluid web browsing and effortless everyday productivity for social media, streaming, and web gaming. The AMD A6-9220C & A4-9120C performs 23% better in web browsing and 13% better in web applications than Intel Pentium N4200 and Celeron N3350.

AMD 8th gen A-Series processor lineup.

Radeon Drivers and Software

Starting in Q1, AMD will directly support Ryzen Mobile CPU that uses integrated graphics from Day 0 driver support with a single driver package that covers all devices. This will allow them to update the drivers for the latest game titles and also allow AMD laptops to perform better.

It looks like 2019 is gonna be another win for Team Red.







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