AMD launched the first consumer graphics card to feature HBM2 technology with next-gen Vega architecture. AMD launched Radeon RX Vega 64  graphics cards at SIGGRAPH 2017.
A recent report by TweakTown suggests that they expect AMD to release their next generation of graphics card at SIGGRAPH 2018. The Next-generation AMD Navi GPU architecture is ready to have its first outing at next year’s SIGGRAPH show.
Navi will be made on a 7nm process, Navi could also feature modular Navi GPU DIEs similar to AMD‘s making of Ryzen and Ryzen ThreadripperAMD has to launch a refresh of Vega before releasing Navi if they want to keep up with Nvidia‘s 10 series graphic cards. Later on AMD‘s graphics division will require something even more to properly compete with the upcoming Nvidia‘s Volta GPU technology.


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