According to Digitimes, AMD is set to release upgrade version of its Ryzen series built using a 12nm low-power (12LP) process at Globalfoundries, according to sources at motherboard makers Ryzen 7 will be succeeded by Pinnacle 7, while mid-range and entry level Ryzen 5 and 3 by Pinnacle 5 and Pinnacle 3 respectively. It is possible that Pinnacle is just an internal codename for Ryzen 2000. Also there will be lower power version of Pinnacle Processors and the Enterprise Pro in May 2018, Reports Digitime.

The 400 series, will also become available in March 2018 with X470- or B450-based motherboards to be the first to hit the store shelves. The chipsets are still designed by ASMedia and its orders for the chipsets are expected to grow dramatically starting January 2018.
2017 (14nm) 2018 (12nm)
Ryzen Threadripper ➡️ Pinnacle Threadripper
Ryzen 7 ➡️ Pinnacle 7
Ryzen 5 ➡️ Pinnacle 5
Ryzen 3 ➡️ Pinnacle 3
Ryzen Pro ➡️ Pinnacle Pro
X370/B350/A320 Chipset ➡️ X470/B450/A420
Leaked roadmaps outlining AMD plans for 2018


Source: Digitimes


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