When the Polaris GPU’s were announced there was a alot of talk and news about RX 480 crossfire can match Nvidia’s GTX 1080. During the event CrossFire” wasn’t once mentioned at Siggarph. According to GamersNexus AMD representative confirmed that  Radeon RX Vega family of graphics cards support CrossFire, the company may not allocate as many resources as it used to with older GPU launches, in promoting or supporting it.

AMD is scaling down efforts on its end to support and promote multi-GPU technologies such as CrossFire  AMD has also noted that only fewer people are interested in having multiple GPUs, It is much easier to invest in single graphics card which offers better performance and optimization than the dual config cards. We strongly agree with that. Ironically, DX12 and Vulkan were supposed to make it possible for game developers to take full advantage of multiple GPUs. Or are they moving to Infinity Fabric? Let us know in comments below!

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