AMD made a very strong statement claiming an IPC improvement of about 29% when comparing ZEN 2 with ZEN 1 . If it’s real, that’s massive  I’d take it with a grain of salt. they achieved a 52% IPC increase earlier from FX series CPUs. Last year Zen+ architecture brought about 3-5 percent IPC up-lifts over “Zen” on the backs of faster on-die caches and improved Precision Boost algorithms. IPC is a very important figure for hardware because it boils down many architectural improvements into one number that is easy to compare.

News coming from Expreview, AMD conducted DKERN + RSA test for integer and floating point units, that resulted into a score of 4.53, that was 3.5 for the first-generation Zen and that indeed is a 29.4 percent IPC. Flops are important for data-centers, It could be much lower in other tasks that do not utilize the FPU. In the end, take this with a grain of salt we will see next year.


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