Well it’s that time of the year when both the biggest names in the graphics industry, MSi and nVidia are launching their new line of GPUs in the market. For nVidia this article marks the release of their first RTX gpu available in mini-ITX, thanks to the aftermarket vendor MSi.

Source: VideoCardz

But What’s Special?

Nothing too much, except for the fact that you can get insane amounts of performance in your small ITX builds. However for the same reason, they abandoned the NV-link on this one, because you most likely wont be going for an SLi solution in an ITX build. That’s bad news for chaps who choose to Sli ITX cards in their ATX builds :(. Secondly, MSi got rid of the VirtualLink as well. Now that’s not prudent in my opinion, considering that in the foreseeable future VR Headsets may become a norm.
Instead there will be 3 DisplayPort connections and an HDMI 2.0 port.

Well then thats that chaps. You can’t complain if you’re aiming for an ITX build. The card itself is a powerhouse and allegedly outperforms a 1080, with a base clock of 1410Mhz and a TDP of 175w. There is no clue at the time of writing as to when will the card be available or purchase.

Thanks y’all Catch you guys later.

Major Source: Wccfteh.



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