ADATA announced it’s latest RGB Memory Series, Called XPG SPECTRIX D60G DDR4. There is a special feature in this memory which is RGB lighting per mm²” than any other memory module in the market by any company, That means roughly 60 percent of each RAM module’s surface area will be covered and which is fully customizable and programmable and has support for every motherboard.

It supports a wide frequency range from 3000 to 3600 and can be overclocked up to 4133MHz and supports Intel® XMP 2.0 profiles for easy overclocking. Currently It’s available in Dual-Channel Kit only (8×2) with a life-time warranty by ADATA.

Model Number Data Rate XMP Timings Capacity
AX4U300038G16-DT60 DDR4-3000 16-18-18 at 1.35V 8GB (x2)
AX4U320038G16-DT60 DDR4-3200 16-18-18 at 1.35V 8GB (x2)
AX4U360038G17-DT60 DDR4-3600 17-18-18 at 1.40V 8GB (x2)


No words on Release Date and Cost YET. We’ll update this article if Adata releases any additional information in the coming weeks.


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