Seen on Youtube, Nvidia has uploaded a 16-second teaser containing possible future release info related to GeForce. While not showing much, it does show a ‘Super’ logo likely relating to the name of the new series.The video can be seen here:

This, combined with the fact that GeForce is the main theme of the video, it is safe to assume that the video is pointing towards new graphic cards though details are not known as of yet. Looking at the date of this teaser’s release, it is no coincidence since Nvidia is holding a press conference at Computex in Taiwan, May 27, which is where further details are likely to be revealed.
As predicted by some users, it may just be a Turing refresh, perhaps with better memory speeds, or maybe it will be something entirely new that Nvidia kept hidden in the books till now. Let us know your opinions/guesses in the comments!


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