Looks like Amazon is being the victim of RMA fraud, They’re giving CPU’s to customers without checking whats inside. Two users on reddit have reported they recieved LGA supported Ryzen, Both also feature same type of Cooler. While Amazon did both of them refunds with gift card.The Scammer managed to remove to the Intel marking from the top and place legitmate RYZEN markings. these type of scams might turn away first timers who want to try the PC-building experience.

Both proccessors offers same heatsinks which is not official wraith cooler.

  • The first reported instance of this scam was posted to reddit by user sh00ter999, on 8th July 2017. At the time, it appeared to be a lone case of RMA-fraud.
  • The second reported instance was posted to reddit  on 15th July and featured the same issue as before.

This has happened two times in a row, there are probably more fake Ryzen out there in Amazon inventory, But no worries Amazon keep the track of RMA’s its should be possible and easy enough to catch those scammers.

General guideline for first time builders if you’re buying first time make sure:

  • Always buy directly from Amazon, Avoid thirdparty sellers. before buying from thirdparty sellers you can check their reviews on website and make sure they’re trusted.
  • When you recieve your item, you must check if your item is fully sealed by company and check proccessor.

Here are the Amazon links to AMD Ryzen that are sold by Amazon Officialy





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