Lads and lases, its that time of the year when its freezing cold, people can hardly get out of bed especially with those cozy blankets on, its just too much effort.

But then there is a race, a race superior to others, in all aspects; The PC Master race. We cant relate with that, winters is probably our favorite time of the year, staying up all night, drinking chai as we while away our time on our PCs. It’s obviously a great time but it’s not unusual to encounter the following situations. I’m sure y’all can relate.

1: Hands freezing.

Oh, one just cant get enough of this, happens every single time, the cold always ends up numbing our fingers, gaming for extensive hours is quite fun, but only a few hours in, we can’t feel our fingers. But, who cares right? Factors like these are too minor to influence our determination.

2: PC not overheating

4K, 60FPS has never felt so smooth (or cool) we can game for hours or perhaps all night without fearing overheating of any kind, in summers we need to check our temps every few minutes to make sure that our GPU isn’t breaking any sweats. With winters its the complete opposite, we can overclock, we can max our settings out, it hardly effects the temps in any way.

3: Not being able to game in Blankets.

Yeah, well console gamers get this one, they can easily use their wireless controllers under their blankets, but we can’t there is no smooth surface for a mouse or keyboards, even if you manage that, the cables always end up getting stuck in between. But then again we aren’t the master race for no reason, HAH we can use the same wireless controllers too given the urgency, it’s not exactly a big deal for us.

4: Running out of tea every few minutes.

Like I mentioned earlier, gaming all night in winters is the best thing that can ever happen to us, well add some tea to that and you’ll reach the pinnacle of greatness itself. But here’s the catch every other minute you have to get up to make some more tea, if you’re like me then you probably finish it or whatever drink you’re having during the mid gameplay cut-scenes. Well thats just the way it is.

5: Using your vents as a heater.

This is probably my favorite part, every other minute during cut-scenes or loading screens, we can comfortably place our hands above the top vents/fans and easily warm our hands up as we prepare for whatever’s coming next.

That’s all folks, if you feel I missed something out, or would like to add something else to this article, leave whatever down in the comments section.



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